IELTS Writing Section is considered the most difficult part of the entire IELTS Process. In this section, aspirants have to complete two tasks depending.

Task 2, where candidates have to write an essay remains the same for all. However, Task 1 depends on the type.

For example, if someone has applied for IELTS Academic; they will have to understand a graph in Task 1.

On the other hand, people who have applied for the IELTS General have to write a letter based on the situation given in the question. You should remember the below IELTS Writing Tips if you have applied for the test.

Top 10 English Writing Tips

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1. Keep It Simple

Many students fill their essays with complicated grammar, uncommon vocabulary and exceed the word limit to impress the examiner.

It is something you should avoid. You should offer the opinion in the simple, clear, and formal style. You should focus on support your essay with references instead of complicated vocabulary.

2. Understand the Question

You can write an effective and impressive answer only when you have read the question carefully. Take some time to understand if the question is asking for your opinion, pros/cons, or just want you to elaborate on the given topics with examples.

As we mentioned above, the format of your answer is most important. You can prepare a clear format only after you have figured out what you want to write.

You will get a poor band score if you fail to understand the question and your essay does not fulfil the expectations.

3. Link All Paragraphs

You should not randomly write whatever comes to your mind. Rather it should have perfect sync. You should read each paragraph before starting the new one. It helps you maintain the link between them.

4. Keep It Clear and Polished

You should be clear about what are your writing and why are you writing. You should always mention things that support your opinion, but should not digress.

Be clear about what you are going to write in each paragraph.

5. No Need to Be Diplomatic

Yes! No one is going to judge your ideas. You can only write a good answer when you are real. It means that you don’t have to find the best or the most suitable answer to the given question.

Rather, you have to express whatever you feel about it. You will be judges on how clearly you put your opinion.

6. Follow the Formal Structure

You will get higher marks if you follow the standard structure. In the introduction, you have to paraphrase the question and mention what you want to prove in the essay.

In the next few paragraphs, you should give references to prove your point, and end the paragraph with a conclusion where you would sum-up the entire essay by rephrasing your opinion once again.

7. Don’t Exceed the Word Limit

Try to finish your answer in 250-300 words. It will give you enough time to think about impressively presenting your points.

Also, you will help you avoid making mistakes. A short and clear essay will impress the examiner, and you will get a better score.

8. Writing Style

You might need to write an informal letter in Task 1, but Task 2 is all about formal writing style. So, try to use formal vocabulary. Avoid using abbreviations or 1st and 2nd personal pronouns unless you require it to clear your point in the conclusion.

9. Don’t Write Model Answers

You are not suggested to learn the model answers by heart as you did in school. You should read as many answers while preparing or the test, and learn the format and vocabulary from them, but you have to write the original answer for the IELTS Writing Test.

10. Don’t Forget the Theme

Most candidates forget the actual idea and start elaborating other irrelevant points. It will not get you marks and will only waste your time and efforts. So, you should avoid adding information while writing for IELTS Exam.

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