When it comes to IELTS preparation in Delhi, no one can beat English Ninjas. It is the best English Teaching Institute where the extremely talented and skills teachers are dedicated to teach how the high level English grammar rules and their usages.

Apart from providing the excellent English Training at decent price, we provide the IELTS Writing Evaluation Services as well.

Considering the fact that the IELTS exam focuses on the overall English knowledge of a person, including the reading, writing, listening, and comprehension.

However, the writing section is considered the most complex part of the complete IELTS Exam. The writing evaluation (assessment) services offered by English Ninjas can help you out with this.

Steps to Evaluate the IELTS Writing Test


Step-1: Write a paragraph on a given topic or selected topic and save in doc file.

Step-2: Share doc file to us.

Step-3: Our experienced IELTS Trainer will evaluate your writing and mark them.

Step-4: We will tell you all the shortcomings, and feedback to you.

Step-5: You can improve your writing from the given Score and feedback’s.

What is IELTS Writing Evaluation?

As the name suggests, you have to send your write-ups to the English Ninjas Trainers. They will evaluate your article, and assess you further.

They will not only check the content and highlight the errors in that text, but will list the grammatical rules that you are not familiar with.

After considering their suggestion, you can work on your weaknesses, but you are welcome to join the specified IELTS Classes at English Ninjas. In case you cannot visit the institute, you can go for the online IELTS Classes anytime.

Thus, IELTS Writing Evaluation (Assessment) help you find out your plus and minus points in English. You will not have to learn the comprehensive English course, rather, you can only focus on the topics you are week at.

Marking Scheme

The teachers at English Ninjas are well versed with the syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme of the original IELTS exam.

They will read and mark your write-ups according to the original marking scheme used by IELTS Examiners. The answers are marked according to the following criteria.

1. Task Achievement – This task examines the information and overview of your content, and the accuracy by which you have attempted the answer.

2. Task Response – In this, you will be judged on the basis of your response made to the essay type question. You will be judged on the main idea that you have talked about and the relevant examples.

3. Coherence and Cohesion – In this, you will be marked on the information organization, use of lexical devices and paragraphing skills.

4. Lexical Resource – You will be tested on the basis of the vocabulary, spellings and word formation that you did in the content.

5. Grammatical Range and Accuracy – In this, you will be marked on the basis of the grammar, tenses, sentence structure and punctuation.

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