English Ninjas is the top English Speaking Training Institute in Delhi. The trainers are providing the hi-quality coaching for the esteemed IELTS Exam.

The best part of English Ninjas is that we do not suggest you to start from the scratch. Rather, we know that you have some skills, which you want to improve.

Apart from teaching you the grammatical rules, we train you for the entire IELTS process. IELTS Speaking Evaluation is a part of the comprehensive program.

Speaking a native language is simple, but when we visit foreign country, because we fail to connect with the natives.

That is the reason why organizations conducts the IELTS test to select the English speakers and to offer education and job opportunities.

What is IELTS Speaking Evaluation (Assessment) Service?

You might be familiar with the speaking section of the IELTS Exam. In this test, you have to speak on a given topic and the examiner grades you according to the fluency, pronunciation, grammatical range and so on.

The Speaking Evaluation (Assessment) at English Ninjas is somewhat similar. You have to record your voice while speaking on a given topic and send this file to us.

The teachers of English Ninjas won’t just grade you for your speaking skills, but will suggest you the way to improve it.

They evaluate your speaking skills according on the IELTS standards, and enlist all the shortcomings. After that they will provide you with required study material to work on your shortcomings.

Steps to Evaluate the IELTS Speaking Test


Step-1: Speak a minimum of 2 minutes on a given topic or selected topic and record as an audio or video file.

Step-2: Share recorded audio or video file to us.

Step-3: Our experienced IELTS Trainer will evaluate your Speaking and mark them.

Step-4: We will tell you all the shortcomings, and feedback to you.

Step-5: You can improve your speaking from the Score and feedback’s.

IELTS Speaking Marking Scheme

The highly experienced faculty of English Ninjas will assess your file according the IELTS Marking scheme. They will score your speaking skills as per the following measures and suggest you the best possible ways to improve your IELTS Score.

Fluency & Coherence – In this section, the fluency in speaking will be checked. One should not hesitate, pause or do any mistake in this. Also, the efficient use of cohesive devices will also be judged.

Lexical Resource – This section checks your vocabulary, spellings and word formation. One must not do any kind of error in this.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy – In this section, you will be judged on the basis of the sentence formation of your paragraph and other grammatical errors will be checked.

Also, the tenses will also be tested. You will be tested on the basis of the vocabulary, spellings and word formation that you did in the content.

Pronunciation – This is the section in which the use of intonation, pronunciation and fluency will be checked.

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