A great number of candidates who appear for the IELTS say that the IELTS Speaking Section is toughest. It is only because the speaking segment requires face to face communication, and people with lesser English skills fail to utter a single word because of nervousness.

If you too are one of them and looking for the top Tips for IELTS Speaking Test, then you don’t need to worry as we are enlisting some of them.

English Ninjas provides various offline and online IELTS Training Courses for aspirants like you. In case, you are good at English but are afraid of the communication section, then the below IELTS Speaking Tips will help you.

10 Tips for IELTS Speaking

However, there are a few points about the speaking segment that you must always remember. This test aims to check your fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

So, why speaking you should concern your style and fluency without hesitating.

Now, you can have a look at the IELTS Speaking Tips

Be Fluent and Spontaneous

These are the skills you require to score high in the speaking section. You should not hesitate while speaking because they would impact your scores.

You must work on your grammar during the preparation, but when it comes to the final test, you should forget about it and speak with fluency and ease.

Practice a Lot

It won’t be wrong to use an audio recorder and practice with sample questions. It is not the last moment tip though. You can find sample questions at English Ninjas, and record your answers. You will be able to find your faults and resolve them in the next try.

Ask the Examiner to Repeat the Answer

You can answer only when you understand the question. You don’t need to feel shy if you did not hear or understand the question for the first time.

So, you can ask the examiner to repeat the question for you.

Be Emotional

Using emotions will make your speaking natural. Otherwise, the examiner will feel that you are uttering bookish learning.

The person with excellent English Speaking Skills uses the foreign language with the natural emotions on his/her face.

Speak More than the Examiner

It will prove that you are well-versed with the English Language, and desire to speak to more impotent people p India.

Never limit your answer to one word, especially, when you are appearing for the IELTS Speaking Skills are tested.

Use Conjunction and Interjections

You should use the linking words such as however, nevertheless, moreover, etc. to impress the examiner and to secure 8+ scores.

Take Some Time

If you have no idea about the question and you are hearing it for the first time, then you can take a little time before answering the question.

For example, you can use some phrases like “That’s a tricky question…”, “I’ve never thought about that before…” or “That’s an interesting question…” This way you can get some extra time to formulate an answer in your mind.

A mistake is Okay, Panic is not!

Everyone makes mistake, but rather than sticking on it and getting panic. You should ignore the mistake and continue speaking with confidence.

Don’t Learn Answers

It is not the school test where you have to learn given topics by heart and repeat the same as it is. You can read certain topics for knowledge, but you would have to give spontaneous answers during the IELTS Speaking Test.

Make a First Impression

It won’t directly affect your scores, but you will confident if you are looking good. So, feel good, look good, and speak very well.

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