There is no need to justify why IELTS is one of the highly esteemed tests. It indeed requires a lot of hard work and dedication from us but deep inside we know it is worth it.

Once clearing this exam with an impressive score, we can settle in the English speaking countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and so on.

Some people require specialized training before the exam but people with little English knowledge are also there. They do not need a comprehensive IELTS Training Program, rather, a few tips are sufficient for them to score 8+

English Ninjas has designed a specialized training program for everyone. You have the option of joining the online/offline IELTS Classes if you want to learn everything. However, you only need to follow 10 Tips for IELTS Reading if you are nervous about the reading segment.

Look for Main Ideas

IELTS Reading section aims to check whether you can comprehend the meaning. It means that you should look for the hidden ideas and theme rather than sticking on the test.

Time Management

You must remember that you get only 60 minutes to answer a total of 40 questions. Time management is one of the practical elements of IELTS, and you should try to fill your answer sheet within one hour.

Double Check the Spellings

You might overlook your spellings in a rush to complete the test, but it might backfire you. IELTS examiners do not compromise with the spellings. You would get a zero even if you have written a correct answer if you have used wrong spelling.

Follow the pattern

The reading segment of the IELTS is somewhat similar to the unseen passage questions you might have solved in your school. You will find the answer to the first question at the starting of the text. You might find the second answer in the next few lines or paragraph, and the pattern will go on.

Keep Marking

Don’t view for questions while reading the text. Rather, take it as if to learn something from it, and keep highlighting or marking relevant phrases, lines, and point. It will save your time and help you complete the test in the given time.

Ignore Difficult Vocabulary

While reading the paragraph, you will find some unfamiliar words. Almost half of the candidates get confused and run out of time, which is incorrect. In case you have encountered an obscure word, you will get its meaning in the following lines. So, ignore these words and continue reading.

Don’t overlook the stressed words

You should not overlook the highlighted information such as bold-faced words, capital letters, underlining, figures, graphs etc. are considerably important. They might answer to the upcoming questions.

Answer all questions

The best part about IELTS is that there is no provision of negative marking. So, even if you are not sure about any answer, you should answer it. You might make a lucky guess.

Eliminate Incorrect Answers

At times, you would get confused in two or three options. It might take your time, but the best way to minimize the confusion is the select the wrong answers and cross them. It will help you find out the correct in lesser time.

Practice… Practice… Practice

Just like practice makes a man perfect, practice will also increase your score! It is an indirect way to say that Practice will help you find out your technique.

Some people read before answering, while some read text after having a look at the questions. Enough practice sets will help your find your strategy.

English Ninjas has helped many IELTS aspirants, and you can also connect with us for IELTS Reading Tips.

Also, you can access the sample papers, and previous questions paper after joining us. We look forward to help you in all possible ways.

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