English Speaking Course in Pitampura

Everyday English speaking course helps to make a person more confident by using phrases and expressions.

A lot of people hesitate while speaking in public or day to day life as they are afraid if they spell something incorrectly. There are several courses which will help and learn to speak better.

This course is for anyone who wants to speak confidently about a variety of everyday topics, people who need to improve speaking skills in everyday conversations or students who are at a pre-intermediate level of English.

Why English Speaking is important?

Everyday practical situations like ordering food in a restaurant, talking on the phone and communicating will people around in English also learn how to make a conversation better like during an invitation, advising someone,  how to apologize, how to express thoughts and feelings.

It is also important to learn expressions when speaking with emotions or attitude and building connections between the ideas. The speaking course includes self-study lessons in audio and text format.

This can be done by listening to an audio that contains dialogues shared between different people this will, in turn, make you understand how to communicate with people then find out vocabulary and expression from the conversation which will teach how to use the phrases and words in sentences.

A brief detail of tenses is important as it is used in every sentence and lastly all you need is a practice, as practice makes a man perfect. Record your daily audio and ask the teacher to give feedback.

Speaking English is very important in today’s lifetime as you go abroad it will help you in many ways, seeking a job, finding a job is what requires good communication skills. It makes your personality appear more confident. 

English Speaking CourseFeesDuration
Basic English SpeakingRead More3 Months
Intermediate English SpeakingRead More2.5 Months
Advance English SpeakingRead More1.5 Months
Comprehensive English SpeakingRead More1.5 Months


How English Ninjas help you to Speak fluent English?

English Ninjas provides basics to advanced English Speaking courses. Here all teachers are qualified and experienced.  

We cover all sections of the English Speaking in our classes, like Conversation, Group discussions, public speaking, vocabulary enhancements, etc.

English Ninjas Rohini

Apart from that, we teach professional etiquette’s, professional English writing and resume writing to the students.

So if you are unable to speak English then you must join English Ninjas Rohini Branch nearby Pitampura and start speaking fluent English within a few days.

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