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Day Wise Learning Process

Day 1:

Grammar: Subject, Verb, Object
Conversation: Greetings

Day 2:

Grammar: Nouns
Conversation: Likes and Dislikes

Day 3:

Grammar: Pronouns
Conversation: Travel and Transport

Day 4:

Grammar: Interjections
Conversation: Common Errors

Day 5:

Grammar: Prepositions
Common Errors – Prepositions

Day 6:

Grammar: Articles

Day 7:

Grammar: Adjectives Part 1
Conversation: Describing People

Day 8:

Grammar: Adjectives Part 2
Conversation: Congratulating


Day 9:

Grammar: Adjectives Part 3
Common Errors: Adjectives

Day 10:

Grammar: Learn English with Movies
Conversation: Inviting

Day 11:

Grammar: Adverb 1
Interview Technique: Self Introduction

Day 12:

Grammar: Adverb 2
Conversation: Interview Technique: Your Goals

Day 13:

Grammar: Adverb 3
Conversation: Interview Answers Weakness

Day 14:

Grammar: Adverb 4
Conversation: Common Errors- Adverb

Day 15:

Grammar: Conjunctions
Conversation: Yes and No

Day 16:

Grammar: Modal Auxiliaries
Conversation: Expressing Ability


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